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PW Objective NCERT Punch Physics, Chemistry, Biology For NEET 2025 l Updated with New Topics and Rationalised As per NMC NEET Syllabus with NEET 2024 Solved Paper

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Publication: Physics Wallah

Publication Year: 2024

No of Books: 3

Language: English


🔥 Short Notes: Quick-read summaries for those last-minute revisions.

🚀 All-Inclusive Coverage: Comprehensive understanding of the essential concepts by solving Multiple-choice questions aligned with the NCERT curriculum to ensure you're well-prepared for all variety of questions asked in the exam.

🏆 Topic-wise MCQs: Tackle a wide range of question types, including NCERT Based Topic-wise MCQs, 300+ Correct & Incorrect, 150+ Match the column, 600+ Assertion & Reason and Statement Based Questions.

🌟 Exam Pattern Insights: Get a grip on the most asked questions from the Past 5 Years' Exams.

🧠 Focused Study: Focus on the most relevant parts of the Latest NCERT Textbooks, saving your time and helping you concentrate on the most emphasized topics.

ake your NEET Physics prep to the next level with this power-packed book! 🎯🔥

Hey Future Doctors! Ready to nail the NEET 2024 with ease? Say hello to your new BFF, ‘NCERT Objective Punch Physics, Chemistry, Biology Combo’ by our Super Heroes Dr. Manish Raj for Physics, Pankaj Sijairya Sir for Chemistry, and Dr. Vipin Kumar Sharma for Biology! This isn't just a book; it's your secret weapon to mastering NEET with ease and confidence!

Book Structure

  • NEET Past Year Weightage Analysis
  • Concise Theory
  • NCERT - Picks
  • NCERT Topic-wise MCQs
  • Rank Booster MCQs
  • NCERT Exemplar MCQs
  • Past 5 Years MCQs
  • Answer Keys & Explanations
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