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PW Class 10 CBSE Question and Concept Bank (QCB) Mathematics, Science, Social Science, English Language & Literature, Hindi A Combo Set of 5 Books For 2025 Board Exams

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Publication: Physics Wallah

Publication Year: 2024

No of Books: 4

Language: English


  • Chapter-wise Weightage and Trend Analysis of CBSE Past 5 Years’ Papers
  • Question Typology & Evolving Trends in CBSE Exam Patterns
  • CBSE 2024 & 2023 Solved Papers
  • Detailed Theory
  • One Shot Revision Video
  • Competency Based Solved Examples
  • Miscellaneous Exercise
  • Answer Keys & Explanations
  • Mock Tests
  • Learn the smart way and Score Top Marks!

    Prepare to elevate your learning experience to new heights with 'Class 10 Question & Concept Bank Combo Set of 4 Books'. These comprehensive books are your ultimate companion for mastering the CBSE curriculum. It offers a detailed exploration of subjects including Mathematics (Standard), English, Science and Social Science, tailored specifically to enhance your academic performance. Packed with Chapter-wise Analyses and Trend Insights from the Past 5 Years' CBSE papers, these combos are designed to fine-tune your exam preparation strategy, ensuring you're equipped to tackle the challenges of the upcoming exams.

    Whether you're a student aiming for top grades, a teacher seeking reliable materials for instruction, or a parent looking to support your child’s educational journey, this book is crafted to enhance your confidence and performance. Perfect for students, tutors, and educators, it offers a vast collection of questions with clear, concise explanations, making it the ultimate companion for every learner's journey to success.

    🧠 Concept Clarity: Effortlessly understand each chapter with our Chapter-wise Concept Maps—clear, visual breakdowns of key concepts!
    🆕 Updated Curriculum: Perfectly tailored to the latest CBSE & NEP 2020 standards for the 2024-2025 academic years.
    🚀 Effective Revision: Excel in your studies with our Competency-Focused Revision Blue Print, complete with detailed Solved Questions.
    🎥 One Shot Revision Video: Scan the QR code to access a comprehensive video that simplifies key concepts, perfect for efficient exam preparation.
    💡 Exam Insights: Get ahead with insights from the most recent CBSE Exam Papers for 2024 & 2023, including Handwritten Solutions.
    📑 Step-by-Step Marking: Each answer is structured with clear, point-wise details to help you understand the key elements needed to score high marks.
    📌 Official CBSE Resources: Comes with Sample Question Papers (SQP) and Additional Practice Questions (APQ) provided by CBSE to ensure you are practicing with the most relevant and up-to-date material.
    😂 Chapter-Based Memes: Lighten your study sessions with relatable memes that make learning more enjoyable and memorable.
    🔍 Detailed Explanations: Thoroughly understand every concept with in-depth explanations that enhance learning and retention.
    🚫 Error Avoidance: Learn what common mistakes to avoid with "Mistakes 101 : What not to do!" sections, along with insights on "Nailing the Right Answer" and "Key Takeaways" to refine your approach.
    ✅ Readiness Assessment: Evaluate your readiness with our Mock Tests, crafted to reflect the latest exam formats.

    Prepare to conquer your exams and achieve your highest potential in Class 10!